Have you ever read those articles about making a living without leaving the house? There are apparently numerous ways to go about this, some legitimate; others risky or ridiculous. If you have ethics but are tech and web savvy, a great money-earner is affiliate marketing. It does not actually take that much technical knowledge or understanding, but commitment is crucial plus attention to detail and some honesty; consumers really appreciate that.

Coupons and Affiliates add-on-show-affiliate-coupons

An affiliate marketer does not sell a thing; not subscriptions, food containers, spices, or children’s toys. He or she talks about these things and favors one or two companies at a time. Either by directly talking about companies or indirectly favoring them in websites and blogs, they lead consumers who read their content to e-commerce shopping opportunities and discounts.

On these web pages, affiliates install things like advertisements and coupons; and banners, which are connected to their affiliate codes. These codes tell a company that a viewer of their website was led there by a particular affiliate, and if the reader ends up buying something, that affiliate should benefit financially. Commissions are usually a percentage of sales. In particular, http://awesomecoupons.org – save money on products you buy online, could save you quite a bit.

Where Should an Affiliate Create Marketing Opportunities?

Some of the possibilities include running a coupon code website, writing a blog about a topic one is knowledgeable about, attracting advertising from a company to their websites, or selling back-link space to an associated business although this can also be an exchange rather than a financial transaction.

Here is how it works. When an affiliate chooses to write about web hosting by companies such as A2, GoDaddy, Media Temple, and Rackspace, he doesn’t have to specialize. He can offer up his opinions about services, tackle issues pertaining to the industry, discuss changes in the industry or within a company, or just post coupons with a few statistics from customers without all the other parts mentioned above. His job might be to write purely about web hosting and to select ten or a dozen companies with affiliate links embedded in promo codes and ads.

He might, instead, decide to create and maintain a website which allows readers to find savings for products of various kinds. These might be e juice subscriptions or shoes, clothes, and accessories. They could be hotel rooms and flights; pet food and baby food.

This all sounds random, but it’s not. The marketer chooses companies he or she believes in (one hopes) and breaks the site into categories so that viewers can look for only the coupons and promotions of interest to them. Other categories pertain to the sorts of savings one might come across. Some will be seasonal sales rather than discounts on specific items. Others will be very specific: save on Rackspace web hosting on the Cloud; receive VPS from Media Temple for half price the first month; get 30% off or buy a month, get a month of dedicated hosting free of charge.

Run a Web Page

It sounds like a big job, maybe even a high-tech prospect, but a blog website is easy to create and control. WordPress is Open Source technology, meaning it is designed to make the web accessible to anyone, not just for browsing to find services, but for creating websites so as to make one’s products available to consumers on the net. All you have to do is apply templates and themes available on WordPress or a similar site. Themes are suggested according to the sort of business you want to run or blog you wish to write. This includes suggestions for pages relating to coupons. If you want to create a page like this, watch one of the WordPress videos and read related articles, but it’s not hard. Add-ons are available if you want to create a coupon site like no other, but keeping it simple is an option.

Yes, this could be a free page, but guess what happens — you lose one of your tools which is the ability to select advertising on your page. If you cherish this opportunity, arrange for inexpensive monthly shared website hosting. That way, you are in charge.

Also, to run this site effectively, keep on top of expired coupons; update regularly; monitor activity; and keep track of features like graphs and statistics if you use them so they are always current. Combine pictures or at least logos with content for a visually entertaining but clean look which doesn’t bombard consumers with information. Use WordPress tools to organize information efficiently so that readers have access to filters and aren’t left scrolling through pages of stuff they weren’t looking for.