Reviews help consumers determine top names in web hosting, but you have to read a few and don’t neglect the best sorts of review sites. These sites reveal information about companies, but also provide ideas for how consumers can save money without foregoing services they both want and need. In fact, with their help you could go a little further; splurge where you would have otherwise been frugal.

Web Hosting Websites cpanel-web-hosting

An ideal place to start is by looking for websites which don’t just consider consumer goods and services in general but which hone in on web hosting only. Expert reviewers talk about the various aspects of hosting and how each firm performs. They can’t be comprehensive, listing every firm out there, because there are so many. In fact, that’s a good thing. Why even bother looking at reviews for 2-star web hosting businesses? If reviewers only bother with 20 or 30 companies, that’s still a long list to peruse. If reviewers are also affiliate marketers, why would they even want to try and promote bad hosting? They wouldn’t make much money.

Two at the Top

Media Temple and Rackspace number among popular companies for web hosting whether you are a professional of some kind or a guy sharing views on sport fishing in Florida. It’s important to stress that both Rackspace and Media Temple are good, but customers have various things to say about them and these aren’t always good. You’re searching for the average response from consumers, not the anomaly.

Features of Good Web Hosting

Price is not a bad thing to have on your list of things to look for. Great service doesn’t have to cost a lot and maybe what you want isn’t even available from a host, like AWS (Amazon hosting from Rackspace) or 24/7 service (both Media Temple and Rackspace provide this). Uptime is a term for time your website will be online. When someone does a search and links appear for your firm, a potential customer doesn’t come across a page saying “this site is currently down for maintenance” or something similar. Both companies above manage more than 99.8% uptime.

Comparing Coupons

Media Temple is cheaper and has fewer subscribers than Rackspace. That could change in due time of course as the company grows. One thing that will help is being able to access coupons online. There are several Media Temple coupons applicable to monthly web hosting subscriptions. Take advantage of reduced prices for a single month or a quarter of the year, providing you wish to sign up for a full year of hosting with a site you choose. A number of larger web hosts offer long-term subscriptions although most of them assume people want to operate on a month-by-month basis without a contract. It’s possible to choose long-term subscriptions which get cheaper the longer you stay with a host.

It’s probably best to try them out first, though. Apart from that 30-day money-back guarantee offered by some hosts, there is the option of cashing in a promo code for one month at half price and trying them out for less. You probably don’t even need a coupon; the promotion will be automatically applied to a given package. For instance¬† – coupon code for Media Temple to save money, offers up to two free months.

It seems rare for web hosts to offer a dollar value off of services. Instead, they run sales and promotions in which the price is half-off for a month, probably the first month.

Pricing Comparisons

Rackspace, Media Temple, A2, and Bluehost are not identical. Their available packages are not exactly the same. Comparing them directly is like trying to compare onions to oranges. They’re both round, and both of them are edible plants, but is it fair to talk about their relative value in a fruit salad? No, you need to consider packages side by side: VPS to VPS, WordPress to WordPress, Managed, Cloud, and so on. When you do this with all the companies that have received good reviews on many different pages, then one will turn up which is inherently better value than the others in your situation, coupons or no coupons.

Where to Find Coupons

The review pages mentioned above have an agenda which is to promote businesses in return for commission. These people are affiliate marketers, and they aren’t doing anything wrong unless they tell out-right lies. Mostly, these people choose to promote web hosts they respect and coupons listed on their pages help them bring customers to a web host. Codes also turn up on blogs where people write about the technical side of web hosting and servers; SSD; SSL; bandwidth; URLs; domains; and identity theft.