TestClear: How To Beat Different Drug Tests

No matter whether you are a big smoker or a user of hard drugs, the news of an impending drug test will always make you uncomfortable. However, regardless of the development in testing technology, beating a drug test is easier than most people tend to think—given that you are using the right products and the right methods!

And this applies to all standard drug tests—hair, saliva, urine, and blood. One thing to understand is that whatever foreign substance you put into your body, it stays there. So, no matter whether it is your hair, urine, saliva, skin or blood, traces of the substances can always be found in your body. Of course, the reliability quotient differs from one test to the next but all of them are effective in finding traces of drugs. That is why they are designed for drug testing, after all!

Luckily, however, if you are a user, there are ways and formulas that will help you beat any drug test that is currently used by various entities. It would have been a different matter though if they started taking skin grafts for drug testing. Fortunately, though, that hasn’t happened as of yet!

Now, as for existing drug tests, you need to follow an effective regime to beat whatever drug test you are requested for. However, you need to research your options well and make sure that you don’t end up using some product that is just gimmick and won’t help you pass the test.

Now, this is where TestClear comes in. You can find many useful guides, resources, instructions, and information from this site about how to beat a particular drug test. And you can also discreetly purchase many proven and tested products that will help you beat different tests.

Take the case of a urine test, for example. At the site, you can buy discreetly and completely anonymously a replacement for your urine for use during your urine test. When requested a urine test, many make the common mistake of either trying to flush out the substances of their system all too quickly or purchasing fake urine. Both methods are absolutely useless and would only result in a loss of your money and time.


Similarly, if you are requested to take a hair follicle test, you can benefit from the resources provided on the site. TestClear does not sell any detox products of their own for a hair test. But you will benefit immensely from their guide on how to pass a follicle test. In addition, they also provide a recommendation for the best hair detox regime that you can follow to beat a hair follicle test.

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Drug Testing For Drivers

The use of drugs has several effects on the brain and the rest of the body. These changes may be pleasant for the person but they can be dangerous under certain situations. For example, those who are operating machines may find themselves unable to control the equipment with their usual swiftness of hands and clarity of mind. This is often true when driving. Many accidents involve drug use and some of them have resulted in fatal injuries. Due to the increased risk, driving while under the influence of drugs is illegal. States have passed their own laws regarding the matter with harsh penalties for those who are proven guilty in court.

Regular Motorists
In most places, a person does not have to undergo drug testing just to get a regular license. You just have to pass the written and the practical exam. Of course, license holders must be aware of their responsibilities and the rules of the road. Consuming certain substances that can affect perception, decision-making, and motor control like alcohol and illicit drugs is heavily frowned upon. If someone is caught driving while high on substances, then he can be arrested on the spot. Dead giveaways include excessive speeding, swerving, and other risky behaviors. These put other people’s lives in danger. Officers may follow the car and ask the driver to pull over for questioning. A lab test should follow for confirmation.

Commercial Drivers
Commercial drivers are basically employed to drive. Like many other employees, they usually have to undertake a drug test and get a negative result before they can be hired. This is an important part of their application. It may be repeated several times during the course of their employment as well. Employers want to minimize the risk to their business. They do not want drug users who statistically have a higher chance of involvement in collisions. It would be bad for their fleet, their reputation, and their finances. If the drivers are carrying passengers such as in a bus, then being high can be a recipe for disaster.

Penalties for a Positive Result in a Drug Test
For regular drivers found guilty of DUI, the penalties may include license suspension, large fines, and jail time. The severity increases with the number of convictions and the gravity of the situation when they were arrested. First offenders may be able to get off lightly with a good attorney. Repeat offenders, on the other hand, are likely to face more serious sentences. The same basic rules apply for commercial drivers but the latter will probably lose their job as well.

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What To Do When You Suspect Your Child Of Drug Abuse

Teenagers, even the disciplined ones, can be quite difficult to deal with. So what happens when one starts taking drugs? What’s a parent to do when they suspect their children of drug abuse?

According to studies, there are two ways a home drug test can go – you can be successful and actually keep your child away from drugs, or you can lose your child’s trust, eventually damaging the relationship between the two of you. This is according to research carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. According to a statement they released a while back, home drug testing creates an environment of suspicion, resentment, and distrust, and will often break the bond between parents and their children. Another statement released by MST clinicians suggested that drug testing will actually prevent children from taking drugs in the fear of random drug testing.

There is no telling what will happen once you decide to test your teenage child, but taking action can prevent a potentially huge problem.

Approaching your child with suspicion of drug abuse will be one of the most difficult things you will ever do. However, if you notice the symptoms, it would be wise to take action early. Start by talking to them and getting to the root of the problem. Start by letting them understand that you’ve noticed some behavioral changes and are concerned about them. If they are willing to talk about it, then make sure you listen carefully.

Ask them If They are Using Drugs
Parents are forced to take drastic action in order to save the day. Look your child straight in the eyes and ask them whether they are using drugs and don’t break eye contact until you get a reaction or an answer. Such a question will get your child off guard and you will easily tell when they are lying.

Ask Whether they are Willing to Take a Drug Test
Your child is likely to deny ever taking drugs even if they do. Without hesitating, ask them whether they are willing to take a drug test to prove their innocence. Be prepared for both a negative and positive test result.

Get a Home Drug Testing Kit
Nowadays, you can easily take a home drug test and get accurate results without the need for professional assistance. With a home drug testing kit, you’ll be able to test for different drugs in very easy steps. There are all kinds of home drug tests kits meant for testing different types of drugs. If you are unsure which drugs to test your child for, you can always get universal test kits which can detect various drugs in your child’s system.

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Open Communications Rule the Roost at EMPACS.org

The staff at EMPACS.org welcomes readers and users to the organization. There has been a lot of discussion over the manner in which we want to ensure making sure that our readers know and feel how valued they are.

It’s our goal to keep our method of communicating with you here on this site as open and clear as possible so that you find everything easy to understand, and that you find all the information that you need to move forward and act! Thank you for visiting us!

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